Erin Vanhee is a bio-regional herbalist and Lomi practitioner offering herbal consultations and LomiLomi bodywork with an education branch                               within Trillium Herb School.

Erin infuses her Mastership training in the Hawaiian Healing Art of Lomi with her personal and academic study of plants. Erin offers a rare insight into indigenous and contemporary healing through therapeutic touch and skillful use of northwest medicinal botanicals.


Signature Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage

Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage with Erin is an authentic experience from the start to finish. Lomilomi is a rhythmic full body massage with long, flowing strokes of the hands and forearm with deep specific compressions to areas of injury or concern. Warm stones or hot towels are applied to the upper back and shoulders, salted foot massage, Rosemary Coconut Scalp Massage plus a few minutes of Talk Story and a warm welcome before your session.

90-100 minutes~ $100

60 Minute Session ~$75

Add Ons:

'Awa KavaCompresses. Infusion

Kava is a herb steeped in the culture of the Hawaiian Islands. Deeply relaxing, laced in history and lineage, the decoction of native Hawaiian Kava root soaked in hot towels and placed with intention adds depth and profound healing to your session. Decocting the root takes a minimum of 60 minutes and is only offered for 90 minute sessions. $15


Mana Lomi/(Fix me, please) Massage

Mana Lomi is results driven massage with  advanced techniques of Hawaiian Massage for deep pain, dysfunction, limit range of motion that just won't go away or is intense enough to alter your way of life.

This 75-90 minute session includes assessment of the injury site/area of concern, slow, deep specific work, stretching, lengthening and self care coaching to assist you between sessions.

Erin's clinical training in medical and injury massage provides you with skilled, compassionate care when you need it most. Theses sessions are available for Washington State LNI claims and Auto Injury PIP. 


Add Ons:

Hot Stones to 2 areas of the body $10

Herbal Pain Relieving Liniments

and herb soaked hot towels  $15


'Aina Lomi Massage

Aina is the Hawaiian word for Land and is the namesake of this ancient traditional form of bodywork. Experience the ancient style of gathering medicinal plants for your massage and choosing aromatic and herbal oils that are specific to your needs. The 'Aina Lomi Massage is an Earth Centered Massage that includes a full body Lomi Session , going light to deep and addressing areas of concern. Herbs are added in the form of fresh plant (seasonal) and herbal oils, compresses or liniments.

The 'Aina Lomi Massage begins with Hawaiian chant and 10 minutes of Talk Story to help choose the plants needed for your session.

60 Minutes $75

90 Minutes $100

Add Ons:

Awa Kava Compresses

See Signature Massage Add Ons $15

Hot Stones to 2 areas of the body $10

Herbal Food Soak $10



What is Lomi Lomi? Schedule Your Unique Experience Today


LomiLomi is the ancient healing art of the Hawaiian Islands. Lomi Massage is a deeply soothing massage incorporating long flowing strokes of the forearm that work from light to deep to align the body, increase circulation and provide you with an overall sense of well being. Erin's Lomi sessions begin with a 10 minute warm greeting and Talk Story where we address your areas of concern and set the intention of your massage.

Your LomiLomi session is a full body results driven yet relaxing massage and includes complimentary warm stones, aromatic hot towels, Ti Leaf and Salt foot massage and a Rosemary Coconut Scalp Massage to finish.

Erin trained on the Island of Maui and is happy to begin your session with the offering of a healing Hawaiian chant, pule (prayer/intention) or la'au(plant medicine). Mahalo.