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Living in right alignment is more than just lining up muscle and bones. Chronic pain can dis-able more than your ability to move your body.  Massage therapy is a simple, effective agent of change and when working in tandem with herbs and botanical medicines, change goes more than bone deep. In a few sessions or sometimes a few minutes!, massage can remove stuck energy patterns and get you moving better. From soft tissue injuries, mis-alignments, muscle tension or stress- therapeutic bodywork can help.

Your session is your own. We will work together to come up with a treatment plan or do our best to make the one hour you have be the best hour of your week.

Some conditions I feel confident treating:

Neck pain, whiplash, headaches, jaw pain, stiff neck, stress held in shoulders, frozen shoulder

Sciatic pain, knee stiffness, restless leg syndrome, post op care for hip, knee

Stiff, sore extremities, movement of lymph for swellings, calf pain/cramps, elbow pain, neuralgia

Fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia, anxiety, pain, life changes that feel "out of body"

Clinic is located at 320 East Fairhaven Suite 205, Burlington, Wa. Phone number is 360.391.2706

Clinic hours vary, open by appointment only. 


Mana Lomi Massage

Mana Lomi is results driven form of bodywork for deep pain, dysfunction, limit range of motion that is in one way or many ways keeping you from feeling your best. Mana Lomi sessions are relaxing and deeply therapeutic. Most sessions leave you feeling more aware of your body and how yes, you can move more freely and with less pain/restriction.

This 55 -90 minute session includes assessment of the injury site/area of concern, slow, deep specific work, stretching, lengthening and self care coaching to assist you between sessions.

Erin's clinical training in medical and injury massage provides you with skilled, compassionate care when you need it most. These sessions are available for Washington State LNI claims and Auto Injury PIP. Erin is also a preferred provider with Regence and Premera.To schedule, Call 360.391.2706

55-60 minutes $70

75-90 minutes $100


Integrated Therapeutic Session

Integrating herbs and hands on therapeutics is a time honored practice for reducing pain, inflammation and stress related tension. Using somatic plant medicine techniques which include a brief intake and assessment; this integrated session includes choosing herbal/plant medicines to support your pain management and ease muscle and body tension as well as address underlying emotional aspects of the injury or pain. 

Most sessions include some clothed body work and application of herbal liniments or extracts to ease pain and allow your body to move more efficiently. Stretches for your specific area of concern is also addressed as well as self care through herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Integrated Thearapeutic Sessions are not covered by insurance.

Most sessions run 55-65 minutes.

$75.00 includes one herbal extract blended specifically for you.



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