Erin Vanhee infuses her Mastership training in the Hawaiian Healing Art of Lomi with her personal and academic study of plants. Erin offers a rare insight into indigenous and contemporary healing through therapeutic touch and skillful use of northwest medicinal botanicals.  Tel. :360.391.2706


Signature Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage

Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage with Erin is an authentic experience from the start to finish. Lomilomi is a rhythmic full body massage with long, flowing strokes of the hands and forearm with deep specific compressions to areas of injury or concern. Warm stones or hot towels are applied to the upper back and shoulders, salted foot massage, Rosemary Coconut Scalp Massage plus a few minutes of Talk Story and a warm welcome before your session.

90-100 minutes~ $100

60 Minute Session ~$75

Add Ons:

'Awa KavaCompresses. Infusion

Kava is a herb steeped in the culture of the Hawaiian Islands. Deeply relaxing, laced in history and lineage, the decoction of native Hawaiian Kava root soaked in hot towels and placed with intention adds depth and profound healing to your session. Decocting the root takes a minimum of 60 minutes and is only offered for 90 minute sessions. $15


Mana Lomi/(Fix me, please) Massage

Mana Lomi is results driven massage with  advanced techniques of Hawaiian Massage for deep pain, dysfunction, limit range of motion that just won't go away or is intense enough to alter your way of life.

This 75-90 minute session includes assessment of the injury site/area of concern, slow, deep specific work, stretching, lengthening and self care coaching to assist you between sessions.

Erin's clinical training in medical and injury massage provides you with skilled, compassionate care when you need it most. Theses sessions are available for Washington State LNI claims and Auto Injury PIP. 


Add Ons:

Hot Stones to 2 areas of the body $10

Herbal Pain Relieving Liniments

and herb soaked hot towels  $15


'Aina Lomi Massage

Aina is the Hawaiian word for Land and is the namesake of this ancient traditional form of bodywork. Experience the ancient style of gathering medicinal plants for your massage and choosing aromatic and herbal oils that are specific to your needs. The 'Aina Lomi Massage is an Earth Centered Massage that includes a full body Lomi Session , going light to deep and addressing areas of concern. Herbs are added in the form of fresh plant (seasonal) and herbal oils, compresses or liniments.

The 'Aina Lomi Massage begins with Hawaiian chant and 10 minutes of Talk Story to help choose the plants needed for your session.

60 Minutes $75

90 Minutes $100

Add Ons:

Awa Kava Compresses

See Signature Massage Add Ons $15

Hot Stones to 2 areas of the body $10

Herbal Food Soak $10



What is Lomi Lomi? Schedule Your Unique Experience Today


LomiLomi is the ancient healing art of the Hawaiian Islands. Lomi Massage is a deeply soothing massage incorporating long flowing strokes of the forearm that work from light to deep to align the body, increase circulation and provide you with an overall sense of well being. Erin's Lomi sessions begin with a 10 minute warm greeting and Talk Story where we address your areas of concern and set the intention of your massage.

Your LomiLomi session is a full body results driven yet relaxing massage and includes complimentary warm stones, aromatic hot towels, Ti Leaf and Salt foot massage and a Rosemary Coconut Scalp Massage to finish.

Erin trained on the Island of Maui and is happy to begin your session with the offering of a healing Hawaiian chant, pule (prayer/intention) or la'au(plant medicine). Mahalo. 



Private Lomi Training with Erin Vanhee, LMT, Herbalist

Traditionally, Lomi Lomi was taught within the household, keeping everyone healthy and strong.. From children walking on their Fathers back to the elder providing expert Lomi to those in need. Erin teaches a Basic LomiLomi Class to further the tradition of self care within the family and community. You may choose to add the cultural experience of using stones or plants in your sessions. This adds two extra hours of training and allows you to gather stones to create a set of Lomi I'li I'li stones to have at your home or practice or to gather plants and prepare them for added healing to your Lomi training. Each has its own benefit and these unique trainings are not found anywhere else in the Northwest. Your Private Training in Basics or La'au (plant medicine) is held in Sedro Woolley. Your I'li I'li Lomi Training is held near the confluence of the Sauk and Skagit Rivers near Concrete, Washington.

Private Lomi Training is designed for two students. To train with one student , deduct $100 from the tuition costs. Mahalo.

Your Private Training Includes:

Introduction to the use of plants, talk story or chant to open your session and the importance of setting intention for the healing session.

Instructor demonstration of a full body Lomi Lomi Massage.

Time to practice the routine with an experienced Lomi practitioner.

Lomi Training with Hot Stones will receive Basic Training as well as gather stones, recieve instruction on care and use of stones throughout the massage session. You will take home your own set of healing stones! ($100 value)

La'au students will gather plant medicine from the gardens.prepare la'au for the Lomi Lomi and apply the preperation throughout the massage. You will learn the art of herbal medicine making and take home plant medicines to use with freinds and family. ($50 value)

Basic Training is 4 Hours. 2 Students is $300.00

Basics with Stones is 6 Hours 2 Students is $495, includes two sets of massage stones to take home

Basics with La'au is 6 Hours, 2 students is $450, includes 2 custom crafted herbal oils/liniment to take home.

LomiLomi Massage Fundamentals at the Third Street Clinic Three Day Intensive 

Next Three Day Intensive is October 13, 14, 15 2017

Lomi Lomi is the ancient healing art using your hands, forearms, elbows, feet, stones and herbs to help people’s overall alignment physically, spiritually and mentally. Lomi Lomi incorporates rhythmic movements and results driven specific pressure to the body for addressing imbalances, limitations and pain. Herbal Bodywork is the use of herbs to accelerate the healing of soft tissue injury and pain while the placement of warm stones breaks the pain cycle. These three tools make a powerful blend of healing that can be used immediately or each is a stand alone treatment for pain reduction and stress relief.

In this course, students will learn a full body LomiLomi massage routine that addresses muscle imbalances, limited range of motion and musculoskeletal dysfunction that is both specific and therapeutic in its application. The circulation of nutrients from the blood, elimination of toxins in the lymphatics and communication of the central to the peripheral nervous system is dependent on the pathways of opening the core. A full body protocol of opening the core and extremities helps to realign the body and enhances a general sense of well being. Learn how to apply plants for therapeutic use using hydrotherapy forms of compresses, soaks and poultice and how to stop the pain cycle using hot stones. Lomi Lomi Herbal Bodywork Fundamentals addresses the use of massage, intention, skilled use of plants and Lomi lifestyle practices of pono and ho’oponopono. These basic practices help you connect to your inner wisdom and enhance your innate ability to heal on many levels.

Tuition: 395.00 Class runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8:30-5:30. 24 CEU's.




Erin on the island of Maui completing her Mastership Training in Lomi Lomi.

Erin on the island of Maui completing her Mastership Training in Lomi Lomi.

Lomi Lomi and Foundations in Herbal Bodywork Immersion Coming to Sedro Woolley June 24 &25 2017!! CE units available.

Each day is inclusive with Tuition Saturday Only $140

Tuition Sunday only $120 PLUS material fee of $50 for take home products made in class. (value $75)

Take both days and save $10 with tuition $250.00 plus $40 material fee.

A weekend immersion into the art and science of Herbs and the ancient Hawaiian Healing Art of LomiLomi Massage. Students may take the two day immersion or choose to attend just the Lomi course or the Herbal Bodywork Foundations class.

Saturday Introduction to Lomi Lomi 9:00-5:00

The ancient Hawaiian Healing Art of Lomi Lomi is the ability to communicate down to the bones where we carry the genetic content of who we are at the soul level. Lomi Lomi Massage encompasses long forearm strokes going light to deep addressing musculoskeltal pain and dysfunction. Lomi incorporates the use of stones, plants, hands, feet and even sticks in addition to chants, prayers and guided meditations to address imbalances, limitations as well as improving circulation and enhancing well being.

Lomi is a lifestyle that connects us to our inner wisdom and fosters the innate ability to achieve healing on many levels and can change lives.

In this course, you will learn Hawaiian chants, three lomi strokes and a one hour full body protocol. (the ability to perform a 60 minute traditional LomiLomi massage)

Sunday Foundations in Herbal Bodywork

10:00-5:00 ($45.00 Material fee) , you will take home product made in class.

A day of Apothecary Spa immersion! This class is full of fun and inspiration, hands on experiential bodywork. Learn to make infusions, decoctions for compresses, poultices and understand how they can be integrated into massage hydrotherapy treatments. Prepare Sugar and Salt glows from fresh plants, earth and sea salts, sugars, avocado and coconut oils. Introduce yourself to precious essential oils and how their origin and quality makes a difference in therapeutic bodywork and sets the tone of the whole session. Learn local plants that you can craft yourself to offer custom botanical blends found nowhere else in the world.

You will learn to make and apply:

Alder Infused Salt Glow using our native Alder twigs, leaves and bark to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage

Deep Woods Body Butter takes you to the indigenous people of the Northwest using the revered roots and stem of the majestic Oplopanax, Devils Club.

Cedar and Rose Clearing Hydrosol Clearing the energy before  and after a LomiLomi session is complete with the healing energy of our native Cedar and the heart opening Rose.

Pain Relieving Liniments and Salves introduces a time tested review of 3 medicinal herbs useful for reducing pain and inflammation.

Fresh plant poultices, compresses Messy and effective poultices of fresh plant to apply topically. 

Coconut Rosemary Scalp Massage Balm The ultimate finishing touch infuses the scalp stimulation of rosemary and coconut oil

Sugar Scrubs, Honey Scrubs with local fresh herbs 

Massage Oil Blends using pure essential oils, herbal extracts to address pain and dysfunction as well as spiritual and emotional healing.

Material fee, $45 includes take home samples of Alder Salt Glow (4 oz), Deep Woods Body Butter (2 oz.), and a Pain Relieving liniment (4 oz)  and Salve ( 1 oz) and all materials used for poulticing, compress and decoction demonstration, sugar and honey scrubs made and used in class.



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