Arnica cordifolia, Methow Valley field trip

Arnica cordifolia, Methow Valley field trip

How to Register and Pay for Classes at Trillium

There are several ways to register and pay for classes at Trillium. This site provides a Pay Pal link in the footer of each page. Registration for Day Classes requires no pre-requisites or application, simply fill out the Registration Form at the bottom of the page with your information and pay using the Pay Pal link. Other payment options are Venmo, check, money order. Please inquire.

Trillium’s Community Herbalist Certification Program and Immersion have a simple application process. The application form is provided on the Herb School page. The Integrated Plant Medicine Immersion is held yearly and is designed for the beginning intermediate student of herbs. The Community Herbalist Certification Program is designed for the Intermediate/Advanced student.

Please review the school policies before registration. If you have any questions or concerns, Erin can be reached via email at eevanhee@gmail, phone 360.391.2706.

This site sends the school your registration form but does not indicate that the form has been confirmed and registration complete. Trillium staff will confirm registration via email within 24 hours.

Tuition, Deposits, Payment Plans

Day Classes, Continuing Education classes require full tuition to register. The Community Herbalist and Immersion programs require a $300 deposit upon registration and application. Applicants who are not accepted will be refunded their deposit in full. Upon acceptance in to a program, students are required to pay the full tuition within 30 days. Trillium no longer offers payment plans. Venmo is a convenient, no fee option to pay via Credit Card. Our Venmo account is utilized with

Trillium does not offer refunds or transfers for Classes cancelled with less than 30 days notice. Deposits on training programs are non-refundable unless you are not accepted in to a program.

Community Herbalist Certification Program and the Integrated Plant Medicine Immersion must be paid in full upon acceptance. No refunds of $300 deposit, no refunds of tuition without 30 days notice, minus 10 percent office fee. Cancellation of class with less than 14 days before class NO CREDIT OR REFUND IS POSSIBLE.

Field Study, Skagit

Field Study, Skagit

School Policy

Community Herbalist Certificate Program and Immersion do not offer make up classes. It is the students responsibility to organize notes and missed materials from classmates.

Trillium reserves the right to terminate the teacher/student affiliation at their discretion for disruptive behavior, disrespect of instructor or classmates, missing 3 consecutive classes in a program, not completing required homework, NO EXCEPTIONS>

Camping is available for some filed study curriculum with a $10 per person fee and reservation prior to class. No pets, please. On class required field study trips, No children, No pets. Students may be required travel in a group car pool, please do not plan to bring family members or friends.

Students are required to sign a Hold Harmless form when attending the Community Herbalist and Immersion programs. This is available for you to view upon request.