....Erin’s enthusiasm, energy and obvious love for what she does comes through in every class...
— MJ, Concrete, WA

I began seeing, smelling, tasting and touching each plant, getting to know it (and myself) more deeply. Learning when to harvest it, how to make medicine from it, and most of all how to respect the natural habitat it grew in by ensuring ethical wild crafting.
— Jade Shutes, North Carolina

I’ve been to some great massage therapists but nobody does my neck like Erin.
— T.W., Los Angeles, California

Erin is amazing!!...her approach to health care, physical, emotional and spiritual is a breath of fresh air. Medical doctors are necessary but go talk to her as well, I did, friends have....you’ll be surprised...what have you got to lose?
— A.N. Mount Vernon

....full of insight. I have been graced with learning from Erin for two years and can tell you from experience, you will not be disappointed.
— SJ, LaConner, Washington

We were fortunate to have amazing herbal teachers living near us........we could never have done it without .......and Erin Groh (vanhee).....
— John Gallagher, Learning Herbs

Erin’s custom salve for my post operative scar was effective from the first application.
— LG, Bellingham, Washington

Our mare had cancerous lesions on her leg which were irritated and inflamed. We applied one of Erin’s herbal salves and saw quick results....
— SM, New Mexico