small batch botanicals

Unique blends from land tended by our family for generations are one of the reasons our small batch botanicals are extraordinary. The personal relationship of the practitioner, medicine maker, wildcrafter all add to the potency and efficacy of the product. Our plants are processed fresh from harvests in the Cascade Mountains, fertile Skagit Valley or along the pristine shores of the Salish Sea. All our herbs are wildcrafted or grown organically in our own gardens or sourced from local, personally known to us farmers, wildcrafters or gardeners. Our botanicals are available in the clinic by appointment or combined with one of the integrated bodywork sessions offered in the Spa.


Herbal Oils, Salves, Liniments, Miels- Complete list coming soon. Please check back.

Erin's years of experience in pain management makes her an expert in formulating herbal remedies for pain that work. As a gardener, hiker and bodyworker, she has been the clinical trial for many of her products!

Each season has different plants that are at their peak potency for harvest so formulas may change as the plants evolve.

Oils, Salves and liniments are primarily formulated for pain and inflammation.

Miels are offered as custom blends primarily for wound healing, scar reduction, acute care. Please inquire.

(We do not use any cannabis, marijuana in our product.)


Custom Blended Herbal Extracts

Using somatic testing of plants, our custom blends are available within a Herbal Consultation, please see services.

Custom blended extracts are blended for your unique needs most commonly in tincture form. These may also be crafted as herb infused infusions/decoctions, acetract (vinegar tincture) or glycerite for those with allergies or ethical concerns about using alcohol based extracts.



Stock Formulas Coming Soon

We are in the process of completing our stock formulas to be offered online and in house. 

Please check back soon.