Spring Wildcrafting Apprenticeship Weekend Program

March, April , May Sat/Sun 9:30-4:30 each day

Location: Skagit and Island Counties Field Study

Tuition $595.00 includes all live training, plant material harvested in class. 
This course of study is comprehensive including plant identification, sustainable harvesting and practical applications of herbs. All herbal medicine preparations will made by you with expert guidance and informative training for all sorts of individual life paths.
In this 5-month program, we offer we meet one weekend per month, Saturday/Sunday 9:00-5:00.  The very nature of herbalism is ever changing as the plants grow from early spring into summer. The visual aspect of identification alone is a valuable course of study!
At the end of your apprenticeship, you will be able to identify native medicinal and edible plants, understand when and how to sustainably harvest roots, bark, leaf, flower and seed of wild and cultivated plants and how to skillfully prepare herbal medicines from fresh and dried plants. 

Course of Study:
-Materia medica with a focus on Pacific Northwest plants*.
-Field Study - Pacific Northwest plant identification in their native habitat through observation, plant morphology, and plant taxonomy.

-Habitat conservation, wild tending vs. wild crafting
-Ethics of harvest. Foraging of medicinal and edible plant techniques of root, bark, leaf, flower, and seed.
-Medicine making in the field for internal and external application. Herbal First Aid
-Constituent classes and herbal actions.
-Using food as medicine through wild edibles and herbal tonics.
-Anatomy and physiology for the herbalist.