Herbal Consultations, distance and in clinic

Erin’s herbal consultations bridge folk wisdom, somatic herbalism and modern research in herbal medicine. Herbs are the people’s medicine and our intention is to keep medicine in the hands of the people through education, access and affordability.

Erin has a private practice in Sedro Woolley, Washington. Distance consultations available.

To schedule, call Erin at 360.391.2706 or click the schedule button below. Thank you.


the herb clinic

The clinic provides one on one individual herbal consultations and is facilitated by herbalist Erin Vanhee . Erin uses her training in bio-regional plants, somatic herbalism and wise woman nourishing tradition to offer a unique perspective on how you experience your health, your self in this world. The clinic is best suited to addressing concerns related to acute and chronic pain, stress related issues, emotional components to wellness and strengthening body systems through nourishing herbs and specific formulas to address discomfort.

The clinic is not suited for infectious disease, life threatening pathologies, cardiac or cancer care. Your session begins with a warm greeting and a brief health information/intake form followed by a conversation of symptoms and how they are affecting your way of life.

Using somatic testing of plants and pulse/facial and tongue assessment; Erin will introduce you to plant medicine options and together choose a formula that supports you- physically, mentally and spiritually. Your session includes a .5 ounce bottle of the formula specifically blended and tested to your needs.

 Sliding scale fee- $80-120


expert bodywork/lomilomi

Living in right alignment is more than just lining up muscles and bones. Chronic pain can dis-able more than your ability to move your body. Lomi Lomi bodywork coupled with self care, movement exercises and plant based remedies allow for change that is bone deep and long lasting.

Erin’s approach to bodywork is to address the pain and inflammation and to recognize and release blocked energy stored in the bones. Lomi Lomi uses long flowing strokes going light to deep to address pain, stiffness and inflammation. Each session integrate handcrafted, masterfully blended botanicals (non CBD) designed to extend the pain relieving qualities of your session.

Some conditions commonly treated with massage include:

Neck pain, head aches, TMJ disorders, shoulder stiffness, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, neuralgia, post operative care, stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, after work outs, sports injuries, life changes that feel out of body.

Massage Rates $100, session.


distance consultation

Herbal consultation is available with FaceTime, Skype and google hangouts. Your consultation is one on one with herbalist Erin Vanhee and will provide you with a written list of herbs and step by step guidelines to follow up with your plant based remedies.

Distance consultations include a review of your health concerns, diet, lifestyle and answer to your questions on how herbs can be integrated in to your daily life for health and well being.

Distance consultations are best suited for issues regarding stress, pain, healthy living and emotional components to illness. All consultations include ways to integrate wild foods, strengthening body systems through nourishing infusions and details on how to use, prepare and access the plants in your formulas.

Consultation fee is $100.

To set up a distance consultation, email Erin at eevanhee@gmail.com to get the process started. Or click the button Request A Service at the bottom of the page and send a request.