People's Medicine Herbal Clinic

Herbs are the people's medicine and our intention is to keep medicine in the people's hands through education, access and affordability. The Clinic is facilitated by herbalist Erin Vanhee and is located at 320 East Fairhaven Street, Burlington, Washington. 


the clinic

The clinic provides one on one individual herbal consultations and is facilitated by herbalist Erin Vanhee . Erin uses her training in bio-regional plants, somatic herbalism and wise woman nourishing tradition to offer a unique perspective on how you experience your health, your self in this world.

Erin is best skilled at addressing concerns related to acute and chronic pain, stress related issues, emotional components to wellness and strengthening body systems through nourishing herbs and specific formulas to address discomfort.

The clinic is not suited for infectious disease, life threatening pathologies, cardiac or cancer care.


What to expect

Your session is one one one consultation and begins with a warm greeting and a brief health information/intake form followed by a conversation of symptoms and how they are affecting your way of life.

Using somatic testing of plants and pulse/facial and tongue assessment; Erin will introduce you to plant medicine options and together choose a formula that supports you- physically, mentally and spiritually.

Erin will supply you with a written formula and nourishing herb recommendations. You may purchase the formula from the clinic or any herb store you wish. 



The clinic offers one on one individual herbal consultations by appointment Monday, Tuesday and Friday, with a sliding scale of $50 -$90.00 which includes a .05 ounce sample of your herbal formula. To schedule your appointment please fill out the Clinic form below or call Erin at 360.391.2706. You may also email the clinic at