Why I Am Here

Every now and then someone's perspective changes after a walk in the woods. Every now and then someone's life changes as they find their rhythm with the cycle of life through plants. This is why I am here. This is why I do what I do.

(Note: Some student testimonials and past kind words are noted as Erin Groh)

Sitka Valerian, Sauk Mountain

Sitka Valerian, Sauk Mountain


I have really enjoyed working with Erin in our apprenticeship this last year.  Her enthusiasm, energy, and obvious love for what she does comes through in every class.  She is in her element in the outdoors and sharing her knowledge of the plants, their uses and how to create an herbal apothecary comes easy to her.  I have really enjoyed her hands on approach and her wonderful "ju-ju"!


It was the birth of our son that led Kimberly and I into studying herbs in the first place. We were fortunate to have amazing herbal teachers living near us. We could never have done it without EagleSong Evans Gardener, Sally King, Erin Groh or Karen Sherwood.

John Gallagher. Text from Our Story - LearningHerbs




Wild Violets

Wild Violets


A number of years ago I had the great honor to study with Erin Groh (Vanhee) NW herbalist extraordinare. Throughout the herbal training program I learned about and came into contact with over 50 different species that grew right outside my door and on the land around me. Plants I once admired but did not know became alive and in communication with me. I began seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching each plant, getting to know it (and me, more deeply). Learning when to harvest it, how to make medicine from it, and most of all, how to respect the natural habitat it grew in by ensuring I honored ethical wild crafting.

Learning herbal medicine along with aromatic medicine offers us an amazing journey and a great way to feel more empowered over our bodies and our medicine. What I realized most of all is the value of learning about the plants that grow right in your own back yard, so to speak.

Jade Shutes, Founder and Director School of Aromatic Studies

North Carolina

Linnaea borealis

Linnaea borealis

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