Erin Vanhee, LMT, Herbalist

Primary Instructor/Director of Herbal Studies

Herbalist at People's Medicine Herbal Clinic

Erin Vanhee is a practicing herbalist with nearly two decades of personal and academic study of plants. Erin integrates her training in somatic herbalism, wise woman traditions of healing and her personal relationship with bio regional plants of the Northwest to offer a unique perspective on using plants to support how you experience your self, your health in this world.

Erin teaches from a decades long relationship with plants and herbal medicine. Erin grew up in the Upper Skagit region of the Cascade foothills. Many of her wildcrafted harvest sites are areas she has tended for years. Erin's experience as herbalist includes commercial grower, medicine maker, wildcrafter, practitioner of herbal medicine and body work.

Erin believes in the oral tradition of teaching herbal medicine. She feels honored to have studied with Corinne Prentiss (Grandmother), Micheal Moore, Susun Weed, EagleSong, Ryan Drum, Jeana Iwalani Naluai, Sean Donahue and Matthew Wood.


Kelly Ann Nickerson

.Co teacher for the Northwest Herbal Apprenticeship

Kelly has a passion for life that includes herbs and natural health. Born and raised in Anacortes, Washington, her most beloved medicinal and edible plants are those from the Pacific Northwest region. Kelly is passionate about teaching others about bringing herbal medicine into their life` meeting the plants where they are at. Kelly brings the science and art of herbalism alive through her training in botany, herbal constituents and herbal actions and her eyes light up when she talks about testing so that's a welcome change to the program!

Kelly earned her MS in Horticulture and BS in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University.She trains with elder herbalists in the region including Ryan Drum, Ph.D. and is working towards being a registered herbalist through the American Herbalist Guild