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Hand crafted pain relieving salves.

Deep Woods Salve is harvested in the foothills of the Cascades and is made from Oplopanax, Devils Club Root and rhizome bark and the buds of the mighty Cottonwood tree. No essential oils added, infused in organic olive oil, beeswax to firm. Use as anti inflammatory and to address pain. External use Only.

This is a mild analgesic and just smells like a walk in the woods. I use it when I need to feel grounded, bring me back to Earth.

Herbal Pain Salve is a blend of Dicentra formosa, Bleeding Heart, Petasites figidas, Coltsfoot, willow bark and alder with a touch of comfrey. 

I should have known this blend would work as well as it does but I 'm still surprised at its effectiveness. The bleeding heart is a close relation to poppy so its a bit of a narcotic and the willow works for the inflammation. The others are working on the dysfunction so its a win win no matter how you approach it. I double infuse the oils. It just doesn't get any better than this. I have clients who put it on their arthritic fingers at night, glove the hand and wake up pain free. I have used it on my chronically sore elbow from years of bodywork and it works everytime

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Hand crafted, small batch , fresh plant tinctures.

Valerian root Tincture Muscle relaxant, can be used internally or externally. 

Nettle Tincture addresses allergies by strengthening and for acute allergic response, adrenal fatigue, kidney deficiency resulting in edema. 

Devils Club Tincture Cousin of panax (ginseng) Adaptagen, blood sugar modulator, enhances well being, reduces the physical response to stress.

Skullcap Tincture nervine, sleep aid, pain reduction, road rage ( or other roads that find you raging). 

Motherwort Tincture  Anxiety. acute panic attacks with palpitations, when you need a little mothering.

Oregon Grape Root Tincture Liver stimulant, digestive bitters.



Kava Oil infused in almond and sesame oil for pain, relaxation.

Dicentra Oil powerful narcotic like pain reduction, contraindicated for heart deficinecy.

 Red Alder Oil  Lymphatic, water and emotion mover.

Devils Club Oil traditional medicinal for pain, inflammation.

Plantain Oil antiinflammatory and astrigent

Comfrey Oil friend of the bones, rebuilds tissue and is along revered ally for topical applications.

  Calendula Oil anti-inflammatory, lymphatic stimulant

 Chickweed Oil Soothing to inflamed tissues , cyst reducer

Hypericum Red Oil Anti inflammatory, anti viral, indicated for nerve pain.