Study plant medicine with Erin Vanhee

Immersion students along the Salish Sea.

Trillium’s plant medicine immersions are designed to allow students to craft their herbal education in to their specific goals as herbalist. The beginning/intermediate student of wild plants and medicine making may choose to enroll in just the Saturday class in wild plants, leaving with a firm training in medicine making skills, plant identification, first aid, wild food and harvest protocols. The intermediate/advanced student with a background in wild crafting and medicine making may enroll in the Integrated Immersion broadening the foundations in herbalism to a more defined practice with confidence. Or, the student with a strong desire to complete a vigorous, comprehensive training in wild and cultivated plants, apothecary skills, diagnostics may combine the two with $100 off each course.

Wildcraft Plant Medicine Immersion

March-October $1150.00 One Saturday per month 9:30-5:00 with a 2 day field trip in May . Class size limited to 8 to maintain the integrity of training and harvest sites.

The wildcrafting immersion is a nine month one Saturday per month training program for the beginner/intermediate student of bio-regional plants. Students have the option of adding the Sunday class Integrated Plant Medicine Immersion for a more comprehensive training in herbal medicine or focus solely on wildcrafting and medicine making with the Saturday wildcraft immersion.

This class has a strong emphasis on herbal self care, practical application and wisdom. Our classroom is along the river, beside a waterfall, deep in the forest or along an open field. Simple, time honored medicine making practices coupled with using your sensory perceptions capture the true essence of wildcrafted botanicals.

2020 Dates: March 14, April 18, May 23-24, June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 10 and one full day Intensive on Hydrosols and distillation Date TBA

Curriculum includes:

Wild plant identification

Harvest protocols, wildcrafting ethics and practice

Wildtending: tending and preserving harvest sites

Hands On Medicine Making: herbal medicine making in the field! Tinctures, teas, oxymels, oils, elixers

Herbal First Aid/Wilderness First Aid- Compresses, poultices, wound care, pain/inflammation

Wild foods, foraging, preparation- Salts, pesto, ciders, syrups, food as medicine

Flower Essences, herbs for intuition, ceremony

Hydrosols with Dr. Nancy Welliver

Body awareness, understanding body systems, energetics

Class includes one full weekend of field study, harvest in Methow Valley, May 2020.

2019 Integrated Plant Medicine syllabus»

Integrated Plant Medicine Immersion-Advanced training in practical applications of plants

One Sunday a month March- October, 2 day field study to Methow Valley, June dates TBA and one Saturday class with Dr Nancy Welliver. Class size is limited to 10 students. This allows for the attention needed to fully immerse yourself in to the somatic aspects of the training and maintain integrity of wild harvest sites.

Class times 9:30 to 5:00. Tuition $1350.00.

2020 Dates: March 15, April 19, May 17, June 6-7, July 12, August 9, September 13, October 11 And one full day Intensive on Hydrosols and distillation, Date TBA

The Integrated Plant Medicine Immersion integrates practice with purpose. The student of this program is assumed ready to take on the responsibility of sharing their knowledge and continuing the lineage of herbalist. Herbalist can take on many forms- as medicine mom, caregiver, community herbalist, medicine maker, farmer and practitioner. Each will gain valuable insight from this advanced practical herbal training. This program is immersed into the “doing” of herbal medicine. If you are looking for a constituent class, this is not it. (See book recommendations for constituent study.)

This Sunday program provides training in the practical application of plant medicines through hands on practice, mentorship, case studies, body awareness and diagnostics. Students with no previous wildcrafting or medicine making training will benefit by adding the Saturday Wildcraft Immersion to combine their training with harvest, identification and protocols.

Curriculum includes:

Advanced medicine making, apothecary studies.

Blending, somatic herbalism, drop dosing.

Plant identification, field study, wild harvesting of low dose medicinals.

Tissue states, energetics, signatures, specific indications

Organic cultivation of medicinal plants

Applied bodywork techniques- lymphatics, scar tissue, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, trigger point therapy, bones

Hydrosols with Dr. Nancy Welliver

Two Day field study, harvest trip to Methow Valley, June 2020.

Case studies, business of herbs, ethics and safety.


Our Philosophy of teaching

Building relationship with plants builds relationship with ourselves, our community and planet. The fundamental training in herbal medicine is secondary to living in alignment with the natural world.


Erin’s approach to teaching is hands on, reflecting decades of practical experience with plant based remedies from the ground up.


Supplies, Books, details on 2020 programs.

Comprehensive training in herbal medicine is offered yearly beginning in March. One weekend a month for nine months allow students to observe plants in all stages of growth. Plant identification, harvest protocols, Apothecary and medicine making studies. Registration is open. Class size is limited.