Erin Vanhee, LMT, Herbalist
Erin Vanhee, LMT, Herbalist
Small batch Botanicals, Classes. Expert Bodywork

traditionally trained

Erin Vanhee began her journey into the plants of the Pacific Northwest as a child growing up in the remote areas of the North Cascades. Following decades of  study and practice;  she began integrating plant medicine with  hands on bodywork where she found the results to be  profound.  Working in tandem with bodywork allowed the body to heal whole using less plants with the same, sometimes better, results. After nearly three decades of field work, witnessing shrinking plant habitat,  this  type of integrated plant medicine seemed timely, efficient and  empowering to both practitioner and patient.

Encouraged by the results of herbs and bodywork, Erin journeyed to Maui to study with Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai, a physical therapist and cultural practitioner.. Erin  studied with Jeana extensively completing her Mastership Training in the art of Lomi Lomi, a traditional form of bodywork native to the Hawaiian Islands. Her practice continues this tradition while honoring her own story using bio-regional plants from wild lands she has tended for decades.

This site is an offering of Erin's work.