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Hand crafted pain relieving salves.

Deep Woods Salve is harvested in the foothills of the Cascades and is made from Oplopanax, Devils Club Root and rhizome bark and the buds of the mighty Cottonwood tree. No essential oils added, infused in organic olive oil, beeswax to firm. Use as anti inflammatory and to address pain. External use Only.

This is a mild analgesic and just smells like a walk in the woods. I use it when I need to feel grounded, bring me back to Earth. 2 ounces $25.00

Herbal Pain Salve is a blend of Dicentra formosa, Bleeding Heart, Petasites figidas, Coltsfoot, willow bark, valerian root and alder with a touch of comfrey.

This powerful blend of wild harvested roots, bark and leaves addresses pain, inflammation and firing nerves. Hand crafted, small batch botanical medicine that works.

2 ounces $30

Kava Rose Balm

Heavenly fragrant, effective to relax and the body, mind and spirit.

2 ounce $35

Body Ache Liniment

A blend of oil and alcohol based infused plants. Content may vary due to harvest/time of year.

Goldenrod, Mullein,  Horsetail, Bleeding Heart, Cottonwood, Coltsfoot, Alder, Chickweed, Solomons Seal with warming herbs ginger mustard and turmeric

4 ounce $40.00



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Hand crafted, small batch , fresh plant tinctures.

Working one on one with clients is the best education in herbal medicine. These formulas reflect my personal observation of case studies over three decades.

Devils Club/Rose Boundaries, open heart, well being.

Avena/Motherwort/hypericum/Black Cohosh- Fibromyalgia with depression, anxiety, palpitations

Shisandra/Lemon Balm/ St Johns Wort

post acute withdrawal symptoms, PAWS

Avena added, as needed.

Blue Vervain, Tulsi, Cardamom, Orange

Avena or Leonuras additions:

Neck spasms, tension, trauma.

With tremor/palpitation anxiety_ Motherwort.

with tremor/low libido Avena

Agrimony/Devils Club 

Transition Tincture. LOW DOSE. One drop , with support system.

Albizzia, Lemon Balm, Rose

Joy Tonic, happy place plants

Yellow Dock, lemon balm, Cardamom, orange

Circular thought patterns, low blood energy, inflammation, dull mood.


nursery stock/dried botanicals

Organically grown nursery stock/botanicals

Wildcrafted medicinals of the Cascades

Wildcrafted botanicals are best if pre-ordered to assure availability. Plants available include:

Alchemilla mollis Lady's Mantel

Oplopanax horridum Devils Club

Dicentra formosa Bleeding Heart

Valerian officinalis Valerian

Artemesia suksdorfii Pacific Mugwort

Artemesia vulgaris Mugwort

Leonuras cardiaca Motherwort

Scutellaria laterifolia Skullcap

Verbena hastata Blue Vervain

Verbena officinalis Vervain

Eupatoria purpurea Gravel Root

Rosa rugosa Rugosa Rose

Salix sp. River Willow

Petasides frigidas Western Coltsfoot

Monarda fistulosa Bee Balm

Solomon's Seal

Gallium aparine Cleavers

Inula helenium  Elecampane

Mahonia nervosa Oregon Grape

Solidago canadensis Goldenrod

Axhillea millefolium Yarrow

Dried or fresh, please inquire.

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