Plant based Remedies, Self care Solutions for Pain

Pain solutions is a relevant subject; billions of dollars each year are spent on pain medications, loss of work. This class is now offered in two formats. Full day intensive in Sedro Woolley and a 4 hour Introduction in Seattle at Dandelion Botanicals.

Beginning May 2019 this class will only be offered in a Continuing Education format for Herbalists and Massage Therapists needed Education Units. If you are a lay herbalist , take advantage of the April Classes. Tuition increases to $195.

Sedro Wooley Day Intensive April 13 9:30 to 4:00

Tuition is $95

Seattle 4 hour Introduction Class at Dandelion Botanical Company April 27 11:00-3:00

Tuition $60 ($75 for CEU’s)

The pains we feel are messengers and plant based remedies are a powerful response to listening. Daily protocols for chronic pain and heavy hitters for acute flare ups are addressed in this day long medicine making and practical application class.

This class is part lecture and part hands on to help you understand the physiology of pain while providing practical solutions that you can begin applying immediately.

Topics of discussion include muscle pain and weakness, nerve pain, joint pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, TMJ. Medicine making projects include hydrotherapy, vascular flushes, cross fiber friction using ice, hot towel application, herbal compresses, liniments. Materia medica includes choosing plants used internally for pain, safety, dosage and ethics. Self care discussion includes trigger point therapy, isometric stretches for the head and neck, psoas stretches, lymphatic drainage through movement.

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