Massage Bundles, Herbal Consultation, Affordable Treatment Plans

Herbs are the people’s medicine and massage is the earliest recorded healing modality on earth. Blending these healing arts makes for potent yet gentle healing. Service bundling is offered to keep treatment plans affordable and to provide wholistic, effective and safe treatment.

Custom treatment plans are available. Please inquire.


Affordable Treatment with Massage Bundle

Consistency is the name of the game with soft tissue concerns. These discounted treatment plans are designed to provide pain relief, aftercare suggestions, self care exercises. Invest in yourself. Move better. Feel better. Live better.

RESTORE $450 (regular $510) provides two months of consistent care

This bundle is recommended for short term (acute) soft tissue concerns resulting from over exertion or repetitive use syndrome. Especially helpful to avoid permanent injury following a new work out routine, remodeling the house, preparing for a marathon, putting in a new garden or any situation where your muscles are used hard and talking back!

One session per week for 4 weeks, followed by one session every other week for a month.

LONGEVITY $895 (regular $1020) provides six months of consistent care

Building endurance, strength through regular bodywork and a sense of well being and feeling back in your body is the goal of the Longevity bundle. Your sessions are every other week for six months (totalling 12 sessions)

ACUTE PAIN $750 (Regular $840) providing over two months consistent care

Includes herbs for soaking, herbal tincture for pain, fresh plant compresses/poultice.

For optimal healing, the Acute Pain bundle integrates all the tools in the bag. Lomi Lomi bodywork, heat/ice, hydrotherapy, plant medicines and follow up care.

Your sessions are twice a week for two weeks, once a week for three weeks and every other week for four weeks. (total 9 sessions)

Herbs and Bodywork Treatment 90 minute session with a 60 minute follow up $150 (regular $180-205)

Herbs and massage go hand in hand. This bundling is wholistic in nature and addresses how pain, stress and illness settles in the body. Part herbal consultation, part movement therapy and part massage- Learn how to use self care, wisdom of the bones and herbal remedies to move forward freely in your life.



Herbal Consultation 60 minute simple consultation $50

90-120 minute Somatic herbal consultation sliding scale $100-135, includes sample of custom formula

The clinic provides one on one individual herbal consultations facilitated by herbalist Erin Vanhee . Erin uses her training in bio-regional plants, somatic herbalism and wise woman nourishing tradition to offer a unique perspective on how you experience your health, your self in this world.

Erin is best skilled at addressing concerns related to acute and chronic pain, stress related issues, emotional components to wellness and strengthening body systems through nourishing herbs and specific formulas to address discomfort. Your session is one on one consultation and begins with a brief health information/intake form followed by a conversation of symptoms and how they are affecting your way of life.

Using somatic testing of plants and pulse/facial and tongue assessment; Erin will introduce you to plant medicine options and together choose a formula that supports you- physically, mentally and spiritually.


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