About Erin Vanhee

I’m convinced everyone has that certain someone, some time, some type of aha moment that takes them from one place in time to the next. Kind of a still point in time; when you move from the “before” that moment to the “ after.” I’m also pretty certain that when you live a full, dynamic life- there is most likely to be many of these said moments.

I practice somatic herbalism so I am often sitting in witness to aha moments. I am also blessed to be a teacher of plant medicines; given the privilege of leading many first time harvesters to the forest, sharing harvest protocols passed on through generations. This initiation in to the plant world for some is life altering, their still point in time.

This work I am called to do is at times too big for me. It is then that I stand in reverence to my teachers, my students and myself; all who played a part at placing me here. Standing in a place of responsibility but so very grateful for the calling.

So, who am I? And how is that I have come to think I can teach such a magnitude of wisdom. How is it that I can hold space for you and trust the choices I make in a consultation? Is it my ego? Is it my training? Oddly, the answer is no. It is a sense of place I have in my soul that is unavoidable. It is being in the right place at the right time, following my bliss, heeding the call early in life and being presented with opportunity that I seized on with passion.

My years as herbalist have been as commercial grower, wildcrafter, herb shop owner, medicine maker, bodyworker, writer, teacher, mentor and consultant. My years as a plant lover have been as an innocent child in the woods, a gardener, tree planter and now a teacher of harvest protocols, plant identification and communication. You hear the stories of people who have their guides, guardian angels; how they are never alone. That’s how I feel about plants. They are my wisdom, my guides. And I am honored they have chosen me to share their stories.

Erin Vanhee