Herb Salts

Herbal Salts Made Simple

I am in Hawaii as a I write this. I’m inspired to share this recipe again after a trip to the redwoods of PoliPoli on Maui. In the Pacific Northwest I wander from tree to tree finding the aromatic branches knowing they will make the best salt so when I stepped into the redwood forest on Maui and was hit by the frangrance- I knew I had to harvest the tips for salts.

Herbal Salts can be made from any combination you like or As a simple using one plant. Simple in herb jargon means anything made with just one plant. I made a Herb Salt Simple From Maui’s magnificent redwood trees one day and then made a blend with fresh tulsi basil, parsley, rosemary and garlic chives the next. My absolute favorite salt is Nettle Salt and some of my favorite additions include lovage, garlic, dandelion and basil.

To make a herbal salt, you need one cup of fresh (yes, they must be fresh) plants, packed to 2 cups chunky sea salt. Pink Himalayan sea salt can be found pretty reasonably at Trader Joe’s TJ max or your favorite food co-op. If you start with a fine salt, use one cup plant material to one cup salt or it will be too salty.

Okay, so you have your fresh plant material and coarse sea salt. Place the plants into a mortar and pestle or food processor until they are pulverized and mashed well. Slowly add the salts and pulverize them in together with the plants until you have the consistency you like.

The salts “dehydrate” or pull out the plants flavor, aromatics and nutrition. Depending on the plants used, your salts should be vibrant with color and fragrant.

Place the salts on a cookie sheet at room temperature overnight to allow to dry before placing in a jar to store.

Use liberally, anywhere you would use table salt. Tastes especially good on popcorn!

This is a fun way to introduce wild foods to people and adds a little wild food flair to your kitchen creations.

troubleshooting: be sure and use fresh plants. If they are dry or even allowed to sit out a day or two; the salt will have little to pull away from the plant. Remember they work by dehydrating. If you use dry plant their nothing for the salts to pull out.

any earth and sea salt will work, just be aware that the measuring is with coarse ground salts so fine salts are much smaller - adjust the recipe to accommodate. Start with using one cup and go from there.


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