Burdock Pickles

Burdock Pickles

Arctium lappa, Burdock Pickles

This recipe was passed on to me and now you from Linda Conroy who received it from Eagle Song Gardener nearly two decades ago. The beauty of herbalism and in this case the Wise Woman Tradition (both Eagle Song and Linda practice in the WW tradition) it is with great respect that I acknowledge the lineage of my past teachers. I studied with EagleSong twenty five years ago and that is how I met Linda.

I hope you will enjoy this recipe and continue the tradition of integrating wild food into your daily life. Enjoy!

Basic recipe starts with fresh harvested burdock root, washed and chopped into evenly cut coins, strips or what ever cut you like to serve.

Steam the cut roots for about 3-7 minutes, saving the water from the steam to add to the brine. While they cool combine 1 part burdock water, 1 part apple cider vinegar and one part tamari or shoyu.

After the roots have cooled, place them in the appropriate size canning jar, pour brine over the burdock roots to fill the jar, leaving just a bit at the top to allow for shaking. I like to add a few cloves of garlic, one inch chopped ginger and turmeric per 2 quart size jar.

Leave the jars of pickles out at room temperature for a few days to get them started and then store in the refrigerator as they continue to strengthen in taste.

Eat a pickle or two a day to nourish your liver, lymph and kidneys. This is specific for low back pain, dry skin, acne with dry skin and general well being.

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