Burdock, Arctium lappa

Burdock, Articum lappa's brown, oily roots are specific for pain, stiffness in the sacrum and lower back. Coupled with Vitamin D supplementation, self care stretches and bodywork, lower back issues are resolved with frequent addition of burdock as infusion, decoction, tincture or parboiled, in soup or stir fry.
Burdock is a bienniel plant, emerging in the spring with a rosette of large, irregular, basal leaves. The leaves become so large, they have been (and still are) used to create masks for actors of long ago stage/theater. As herbalists, we know that large leaves are an indication of use to large organs of the body; skin, liver, lung. As a bodyworker, I see large belly muscles and gluteals, pelvic floor- stronger, stable.
The second year plant sends up a heavily leaved stalk which grows in this area up to 6 feet tall. The alternate leaf is broad with reddish stalks and appears heart shaped, covered with sticky-ish hairs that leave a lingering bitter taste on your fingers when you rub them .
The roots are a blood builder, not quick like the Rumex (dock) species but through slow, meticulous toning of the liver lymph and kidneys. Dedicated burdock users will find ease in their movement, skin is cleared and vital, lungs open to bring in life inspirations and aspiration of dreams.

Erin Vanhee