We think at times that the plants are here for us. But what if its the other way around? What if we are here for them? Or, in truth, we are here for each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

First off, does Erin live and work in Hawaii or Washington?

Erin is a licensed massage therapist in both Hawaii and Washington. She currently practices herbal medicine and massage therapy in Washington most of the year. Training programs are held in Washington State with 2019 bringing programs to Hawaii beginning November 2019

Are accommodations provided for the herbal training program?

There are no overnight accommodations provided for the program. However, there are state parks and public lands near the school and harvest sites for camping. Rasar Park, Howard Miller State Park, Larabee State Park are public and typically within an hours drive of training. Eastern Washington trips are organized with carpoolling and accommodations shared.

Are there payment plans for training programs?

Yes, there is a payment plan listed on the 2019 Syllabus which is located on the Classes page.

Will I be a Certified Herbalist after taking the Integrated Plant Medicine Immersion course?

The program includes a Certificate of Completion upon graduation. This is symbolic due to the fact that the US has no licensing or certification requirements for herbalists. Most herbalists is this country are self employed and create their own destiny. To diagnose and prescribe herbs legally; you will need to become a Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist.

Do you offer CEU’s for massage therapists?

Yes! Erin offers CEU”s in her Day Long Intensive classes listed on the Classes page.

The curriculum in the Herbal program is outside the scope of practice for LMT”s and therfore does not meet the Washington State RCW’s for CEU’s.

Massage Clinic FAQ

Where are you located?

The clinic is located at 320 East Fairhaven in Burlington, Washington. The Hawaii clinic will begin taking clients in November 2019.

Do you take insurance?

Erin is a preferred provider for Regence Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross, Washington State LNI and Auto insurance injury claims. Lomi Lomi and Herbal bodywork sessions are not covered by insurance.

Do you have online scheduling?

Not at this time.