Welcome to Trillium. Here you will find information on the teachings, medicines and services offered by Erin Vanhee, Herbalist.

Trillium’s live training, apothecary and gardens are located in the heart of Skagit County, Washington. Trillium’s indepth field studies and wildcrafting courses reach deep in the North Cascades and along the pristine coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest - comprehensive programs that integrate hands on training in apothecary studies, practical applications, organic growing and wildcraft/wild tending of bio-regional plants. Live training includes community classes, day intensives and training programs. Online options are in the works with Trillium’s first online 10 week program launching in June.

Trillium’s line of small batch botanicals are harvested from lands tended by Erin and her family for decades. The very nature of plants and their availability is reflected in our offerings. Rather than an online store or etsy, Trillium sends news of Plant Medicines made and available via our newsletter. Each newsletter highlights the plants in the formulas, giving you an inside look at the process of medicine making, plants used and application. Before you leave this site- be sure to sign up for our newsletter in the space below. Become part of Trillium’s family, stay connected to your medicine source and learn a lot in the process!

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Day Classes

Trillium’s day classes are held in Skagit County and Seattle. Full day Intensives to give you the skills and confidence to integrate herbs into your daily life immediately

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Herb School

Trillium’s training programs are the real deal. Primary instructor Erin Vanhee is passionate about plants; transforming herbal education into a precise, joyful, comprehensive adventure with plants.

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Plant based remedies, Somatic herbalism and expert bodywork provided by Erin Vanhee, LMT. Erin is a licensed health care provider in Washington and Hawaii.


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